Actress who portrayed Charlotte de Sauve accused of sexual assault

These days, I’m enjoying the temporary lull that comes with sending a book off to my editor.  The Valois Mistress is out of my hands, and I have time to concentrate on the rest of my work.  I sat down this evening to watch the news and was shocked to learn that Asia Argento, the Italian actress who portrayed Charlotte in the 1994 La Reine Margot, has accused of sexually assaulting an underage man.

Argento as Charlotte during the wedding scene in La Reine Margot

The allegations are shocking, no matter who the alleged perpetrator is.  In this case, Argento has been outspoken in accusing Harvey Weinstein of  sexual assault.  She’s been a leading force in the #metoo movement.  Now it looks as if she’s been guilty of the same crimes she’s accused Weinstein committing.  The actor making the accusations was seventeen at the time, and to make things creepier, he previously played Argento’s son in a movie the two made together.

The news really turned my head.  If people outside of France know anything about Charlotte, it’s due to reading Dumas’ Queen Margot, and Argeno’s part in the movie is small.  I’ve criticized her appearance in the movie for several reasons: first because she’s a brunette.  The other problem I have with the movie is that the character dies of poisoning, while the historical Charlotte died in her sixties away from court life.

When I’ve been promoting The Valois Mistress, I’ve used the images of Argento as Charlotte, because that’s the most memorable connection that fans have with the character/ woman named Charlotte.  Now, I’ve got reason to pause.  If these allegations of assault and the resulting payoff are true, I may have to rethink my advertising campaign when the book is released.  Obviously, my little problem pales in comparison to being a victim of sexual assault, and I’m not trying to compare the situations in any way.  Still, this news has shocked and disappointed me.

Stay tuned, I certainly will be.

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