Laura writes biographical historical novels set during the French Renaissance.  She’s been a writer and a historian in one form or another since she could walk.  She holds a Master’s Degree in History from Middle Tennessee State University and a Bachelor’s Degree in English from the University of Mississippi (please don’t tell the Grammar Nazis that!).

After graduating with her degree in History, she worked full time as an archivist in Houston and Galveston, Texas before running away to be a records management guru in Austin Texas.

Fed up with her cushy and well paid life as a state employee (sarcasm intended), she left the comfort of full-time employment to become a writer.  After years of burning jealousy over helping other historians sift through historical documents, she now does that herself full time.  She got her start in French history after learning of her own Huguenot ancestors.

In her spare time she watches astronomy shows on the Science Channel, catches fish while sunburning, serves her cat, Owen, and practices her broken French on anyone who will listen.

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