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I’m not crying- Nope, not me!

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Those of you who have followed my blog for the past six months have probably noticed something today.  My pages and posts are gone.  By gone I mean I even went into my Cpanel directory and they’re completely overwritten.  If that weren’t tragic enough, ALL of my images are also gone.

I made a stupid, stupid mistake.  When I installed this beautiful Brown theme, I clicked to import the Demo settings.  Nowhere did I see any warning that they would re-write all of my images, posts and pages.  I’m devastated because not only did I spend hours putting it all together, I had future posts set until July of 2017.

I spent the week before sidelined with a sinus infection, so I guess that explains why I was a little off today.  This hurts SO SO much.  I’ll have a lot of broken links from my Goodreads and Amazon author page links for a while.

Gawds, I HATE computers!

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