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Heads up for you newsletter subscribers- I’ve got a new novella in the works, and it’s a subscriber exclusive.  If you’ve finished the Three Graces Trilogy, you’ve no doubt met Louise of Lorraine, who became Queen of France as the wife of Henry III.  If you’re still working through the trilogy, you can pick up copies of each at Amazon.  Now I’m working on Louise’s story, and you won’t be able to get it on Amazon.  The only place to get it is through the newsletter.

Louise is one of many French Queens who garners little to no attention, especially from historians.  She had no children, but some historians think that she suffered a miscarriage in or about 1575 that left her unable to carry another child.  When her husband died, she had no official role to carry on as Regent.

Louise of Lorraine

Still, as I worked on the Three Graces Trilogy, Louise was a character that intrigued me.  I had to portray her in the way each of the Cleves sister viewed her, but I knew that there was much more to her story.  At the time, the only way I could bring her story out was to use her in a character interview for her husband Henry III. 

Henry III of France

Henry III of France

I’m still in the middle of writing the story of Gabrielle d’Estrees, which will be out within the next couple of years, and I wanted to put Louise in Gabrielle’s story.  I did so as a way to show how Louise worked behind the scenes to help Henry IV gain Catholic allies after taking the French throne, and as a way to give Louise her due.  After Henri III’s tragic death, she virtually cloistered herself in Chenonceau, and most historians portray her as a pitiful widow waiting for the day that death would end her suffering.  She did more than that, and I want to explore that in her story.

Louise of Lorraine’s chamber at Chenonceau

Louise of Lorraine’s chamber at Chenonceau

The book will be offered only to newsletter subscribers, so make sure that you’re on the list by going here.  You’ll get a copy of Safe in My Arms, another short story that continues the events of Almost a Queen.  That’s two free books, a deal that’s hard to pass up.

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