Marie Antoinette as a young woman

Another new French production takes on Marie Antoinette

Marie Antoinette as a young woman
Via Wikimedia Commons

The good news keeps coming for historical films set in and produced by French companies. Now Marie Antoinette is getting yet another turn at the big screen, and British Vogue has a write-up about the production. This time, Marie will be featured in an eight-episode series produced by Canal+. If the name sounds familiar, they’re the same people who produced Versailles. Vouge says that the show will feature “a feminist take” on Marie, which will be a departure from the gleefully shallow spendthrift in the Sophia Coppola film.

The casting decisions are still being sorted out, but this time Marie will be played by a German actress, Emilia Schüle. We’ll have an Austrian Archduchess played by a woman with an actual Germanic accent! Hopefully, she’ll pull off an authentic Austrian one.

The filming locations include (of course) Versailles, and I’d imagine most of the crew will be familiar with working at the chateau. Marie’s apartments there recently underwent a renovation, and this will be a great place to showcase the new look.

So far, we only have details on where the series will air in the UK, but my money’s on Ovation, which aired Versailles for all of its seasons.