Fashion houses and their use of Renaissance style as inspiration

Everything old is new again.  For some design house, like Valentino and Alexander Mc Queen, the Renaissance era is fertile ground for inspiration.  You can see hundreds of ruffs on the runways these days, and there are other elements of Renaissance dress in current couture.  I’ve collected many images of haute couture that reflects 16th century style on my Pinterest board. 

I usually post at least on couture design that reflects a Renaissance inspiration on my Instagram account.  If you aren’t following me there, head over there and you can see all the images as they’re posted.

One collection that really caught my eye was the Curiel Culture collection from Fall 2015-16.  Curiel dedicated the entire collection to a celebraton of both Queens Elizabeth, which meant that the theme was Renaissance and Tudor style.  For a taste of the fashions, scroll down below.

Chanel took a different approach to Renaissance inspired fashion, celebrating Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots and Queen of France.  The line is a mix between French couture and Sottish tartans.