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I need to buy this chateau! It’s for research purposes….

I’m sure I can scrape the money together to buy this beauty. The location is perfect, north of Paris. I could fly into the city and just hit the road and I’ll be home. I’ll invite all of my writer friends and we can have writer’s retreats.

The Renaissance part was built from 1504, and changed hands over the generations. Some of the powerful Montmercy family owned the chateau for a time. The chateau remained in active use through the centuries, undergoing modernization during the Eighteenth and Nineteenth centuries. I can totally work with that.

Vigny exterior

Vigny exterior

It’s listed in the Base Mérimée, a database of architecturally and historically significant buildings in France. It’s the French version of the National Register of Historic Places! I learned all about that in grad school.

There’s also some later addition outbuildings.ey They feature a kitchen and some bedrooms for all of the friends I’m planning to invite over. I could use that kitchen to rent it out for special events:

And look at the bedroom:

If that’s not cool enough, just think- it was featured in a Rihanna video!

You can read more about the chateau on The book is in French, but if your have mad skills with Google Translate you can change it to English if your French is shaky.
This is more than simple “want.” I NEED this beautiful girl in my life. I can do site visits directly from my home. I could open it up as a tourist attraction/ B&B, Disney affiliate. Just think of the possibilities!